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Kindly be aware that your registration to the CSD&M conference can be covered by the training budget of your Company. Contact our team to gather all the needed documents: Conference language The official language of the conference will be English, which

Call for Papers CSD&M 2017

The management of large-scale complex industrial systems has a considerable strategic importance for an important number of enterprises. This spawned the relatively new academic field of “system architecture & engineering”, producing a body of research that allows engineers to manage the increasing

Scope and topics of CSD&M

Industrial and governmental domains Constructors & operators of transportation systems Defense & security Electronics & robotics Software & automotive industry Energy & environment Healthcare & welfare services Media & communications Logistics & e-services Urban & public infrastructures Technology & policy   Scientific

Story of CSD&M

Story of CSD&M Conference Designing complex industrial systems or public service infrastructures systems is a fundamental strategic challenge for all academias, industries and governments. A relatively new discipline, centered on systems architecture & engineering has emerged in the academic environment. This discipline

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